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Missing BitmapData class in code completion – Flex(FP10)

I’ve setup my Flex Builder for Flex 3.3 SDK and Flash Player 10 as described in this article. I noticed that BitmapData class doesn’t show anymore.

Any thoughts on this?

Above Problem Solved. (Updated)

Read the Flex 3.3 SDK

You need to:
1. Download Flex SDK zip file.
2. Uninstall current Flash Player.
3. Install Flash Player from /runtimes/player/10/win/

Thanks to the Flex Community(Michael Borbor).


Loading local images directly into Flash Player 10

Flash/Flex developers are now able to read and write local files directly inside the Flash Player. With Flash Player 10 we have direct access to user’s hard drive to read and write files. Example below allow us to load in an image file from the hard drive and display it to the user.

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