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Module to Module communication

This example is implemented using PureMVC and demonstrates how to load dynamically, connect and communicate Modules that have been implemented using the PureMVC framework.GreenModule communicates with BlueModule directly through pipe(no need for sending messages to Shell/Application and from Shell back to the Module). The same happens for BlueModule-GreenModule communication, messages are sent through pipe.

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Connecting Module to Shell – simplified diagram

I had a hard time to understand Flex/PureMVC-Multicore version with Pipes utility especially when simple demos on the web use TeeSplit and Pipe to connect single module to application (diagram at the top-left). It didn’t really make sense to have TeeSplit for only one Pipe/Module. It makes more sense to add Tees(TeeSpit, TeeMerge) only when you go to the next level of having the application collaborate with multiple modules (diagram at the bottom).

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